Environmental migrants, the last illusion. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
From the series ENVIRONMENTAL MIGRANTS: THE LAST ILLUSION – Alessandro Grassani/LUZphoto.

Photo and story of the day!

Bangladesh, Dhaka. Abdul,17 years old is sleeping on the bed. He lives together with his family in a small room in the slum of Baunia. They decided to emigrate to Dhaka one year ago after the River Meghna submerged and washed away his village called Bapari Kande in the district of Chandpur. His father, Abdul Aziz, used to be a fisherman but now works as a night watchman. His father had two boats and some land and could keep his family and send his children to school, while now Abdul is working in a garment factory 12 hours a day for 3000 thaka (around 30 euro). Climate change has changed their lives. Together we can raise their voices!

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