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The Great River (working title) is a new photographic project that aims to investigate the changes underway along the largest Italian river.

Water needs across Europe have steadily increased over the past 50 years mostly due to population growth and climate change. This resulted in an overall 24% decrease in renewable water resources per capita across Europe. Southern European countries are the most affected by this phenomenon.
In Italy, 35 percent of national agricultural production is concentrated in the Po Valley where around 40 percent of Italian GDP is produced: its main water reserve, the Po river basin, has drastically reduced and this year is facing the most severe drought since 1972.
The Po river, the largest Italian river in terms of length and flow, supplies water for civil, industrial, and agricultural use. Its water is also used to produce electricity.
Around 16 million people live along its banks (Italy has about 60 million inhabitants) and the current drought puts more than a third of Italian agricultural production at risk.

The Po river completely dry, in the surroundings of Pavia.
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Tonight at the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan, on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day, I will talk about border walls as a prominent part of today’s global landscape. In 1989 there were 15 border walls worldwide, today there are 70. With my new project “A Wall In-Between” I follow the international migration routes linking this modern obsession for border control with climate change and environmental migration, to offer through photography a glimpse of what our planet will be in the next future. Today, border walls no longer divide different ideologies, but the rich from the poor and there will be 120 million new poor by 2030 in the world due to climate change (source UN).
“We risk a ‘climate apartheid’ scenario where the wealthy pay to escape overheating, hunger and conflict while the rest of the world is left to suffer.” Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. More info here.
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Amazing opening last night in Modica at the former Convento del Carmine. Thanks to Condominio Fotografico and to Fondazione Teatro Garibaldi. The exhibition is open until January 15th. #environmentalmigrantsthelastillusion #ongoingproject


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Tomorrow at 6.00 pm in the beautiful setting of the former Monastery of the Carmine of Modica in Sicily I will be at the opening of my exhibition Environmental Migrants: The Last Illusion. I hope to see you there if you are around! #climatechange #environmentalmigrants #exhibition #Modica #Sicily


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Working on my ongoing project A Wall In Between. In the picture two migrants traveling on a freight train heading towards Idomeni, a border village between Greece and Macedonia, where a border fence of about 13km was built by the Macedonian government to stop the flow of migrants from Greece.


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This evening in Turin at the museum of the ‘900 I present my project Evironmental Migrants: The Last Illusion together with Adriano Favole professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Turin.



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Working on assignment in Kenya for the Italian NGO Manitese. #climatechange #mauforest


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Bergamo Photo Festival – Fotografica 2018 its opening this weekend and I will be present with my work Environmental Migrants: The Last Illusion.

Invito inaugurazione FOTOGRAFICA 2018 2.jpg

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