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My latest story for The New York Times “Rushing Against War, and Time, Ukraine Makes It to the Biennale”. Check it out also online!

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Chris Wright, 32, is the first known NBA player with multiple sclerosis. My latest assignment for @ESPN. Online publication here.

Chris Wright in his home in Tortona portrayed in the room where he plays with his children.

Chris Wright portrayed in his home.
Chris Wright shows a book written by neurologist Filippo Martinelli Boneschi, who devotes an entire chapter to Chris’ story.
Chris Wright is portrayed in the streets of Tortona.
Chris Wright takes a photo of a Derthona Basket poster (team where he currently plays) that features his image in Tortona, Italy.
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The work done for The New York Times about Glenn Martens, the creative director of Diesel, has been published as cover story on the Belgian luxury lifestyle magazine ‘Sabato’.

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The First Great Designer of 2022. Glenn Martens photographed on assignment for The New York Times. Online publication here.

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The Great River (working title) is a new photographic project that aims to investigate the changes underway along the largest Italian river.

Water needs across Europe have steadily increased over the past 50 years mostly due to population growth and climate change. This resulted in an overall 24% decrease in renewable water resources per capita across Europe. Southern European countries are the most affected by this phenomenon.
In Italy, 35 percent of national agricultural production is concentrated in the Po Valley where around 40 percent of Italian GDP is produced: its main water reserve, the Po river basin, has drastically reduced and this year is facing the most severe drought since 1972.
The Po river, the largest Italian river in terms of length and flow, supplies water for civil, industrial, and agricultural use. Its water is also used to produce electricity.
Around 16 million people live along its banks (Italy has about 60 million inhabitants) and the current drought puts more than a third of Italian agricultural production at risk.

The Po river completely dry, in the surroundings of Pavia.
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One of my latest contributions to The New York Times “In Italy’s Alps, Traditional Medicine Flourishes, as Does Covid”. Check it out!

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Many thanks to the wonderful medieval village of Saillon in Switzerland for the warm welcome. Environmental Migrants The Last Illusion, my long-term global project focusing on #climaterefugees, will be exhibited in an open-air show until February 22, 2022.

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Badiucao in front of one of his works, “Carrie Lam,” a portrait of Hong Kong’s chief executive, at Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia, Italy. Check out the full story here!

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I have been working on an ADV campaign for CNN in which I told Roberto Coin’s work on a multimedia platform. Check it out here!

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