On assignment at the Faroe Islands to cover a very interesting story for the Italian magazine Panorama. “There are Neymar, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo. Football Stars payed millions of euros per day. There is “business football”, the one that responds more to the logic of marketing than to the perfume of the lawn. But there is still a place where football is a rolling ball. The Far Oer National team has scored 9 points in its World Cup qualifier round this year: a historic record. But above all, the pride of being the only national in the world where there are no professional footballers. Niels cleans cod at the fish market; Pall, Solvi and Jogvan are carpenters. Ari and Simun study at the university. Levi is the head of the tourism office. Forty-eight hours with them: in the football field, in locker room. And then to work.”

In the picture Jógvan Davidsen, 25, is a football player at the HB Tórshavn and the Faroe Islands National Football Team. He works as a carpenter and he is portrayed at his workplace in Tórshavn.


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