Environmental migrants, the last illusion. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Asia, Bangladesh, Dhaka. 04/2011. Nomataz Begun’ s daughter taken at night togheter with her son outside their “house” she is living with her family beside the railroad in Kawran bazar slum where hundreds of people are living a miserable life without running water and work in an unsanitary environment. Nomataz Begun interviewed says: “I usud to lived in Jainjhar Bajar by the side of Konkso river; Union was Kahor Gao: Upazilla: Durgapur: Netrokuna District. I used to live there for many years. On one stormy night there was heavy raining and the river became violent and furios. Suddenly a part of our homestead was eroded up by the river, taking away some of our belongings like beds and cooking utensils. I with my daughter managed to pick some belongings up from the current though. After loosing our home to the konkso, we made a temporary makshift on the market place of our union by the side of river but there were torrential rain and lightening which made us to move towards Dhaka at the middle of the night with what we had left. In Dhaka we build this small house just beside the railtracks…living with my family my husband work here as a barbar. We are struggling to live a decent life with his pretty small income. That’s enough.”

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